What is a Gun Trust?

A “gun trust” is a legal trust that is used in the United States to register NFA firearms with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. The ownership of NFA firearms is regulated in the United States, and a gun trust is used to eliminate some of the red tape to acquire NFA firearms. The use of a gun trust to apply to the ATF to manufacture or transfer a NFA firearm avoids the necessity of attaching a fingerprint sample, passport-style photograph, and a signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) in the applicant's area that approves the applicants ownership of a NFA firearm, as would be required of an application submitted by an individual rather than a gun trust.

To learn more: www.nfaprotrust.com

Will I lose accuracy while using my silencer?
One of the most common problems for shooters is decreased accuracy caused by flinching in anticipation of the firearms discharge and recoil. By containing the explosion at the muzzle, reducing recoil, and decreasing muzzle flip, silencers dramatically increase accuracy, especially among new and inexperienced shooters.
Should I use hearing protection while using my silencer?
According to OSHA, the threshold for a hearing safe impulse noise is 140 dB. Without hearing protection, exposure to any impulse noise over 140dB causes varying degrees of permanent noise induced hearing loss, which can also lead to tinnitus. Most well engineered silencers take the dB level of their host firearm below 140 dB, making those silencers effective primary hearing safety devices.