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New Integral Suppressor Kit for 10/22 Rifle .22 LR – AWC Ultra 13B Suppressor & Hogue Stock

Ultra 13B by AWC

Taking the nest step in the evolution of the ULTRA series integrally suppressed rifle product, AWC launched the ULTRA 13 at the 2013 Shot Show. The ULTRA 13 with its removable core offers the same outstanding suppression performance of the earlier generations along with the added ability for end user maintenance thereby significantly extending the lifespan of the suppressor.


  • ULTRA 13B Suppressor
  • 16.5” barrel length
  • Built on ER Shaw 10/22 Blued or Stainless Barrel as selected
  • Finished in Matte stainless or Cerakote in Black, FDE or OD
  • Hogue Black Rubber stock
  • Specially modified to fit the ULTRA Suppressor

The Ultra series suppressor line has the appearance of a heavy target barrel. It has been utilized by various agencies for removal of impediments such as street lights and nuisance animals. It has also been used by many recreational shooters for plinking, target shooting and varmint hunting. Manufactured from 100% 300 hundred series stainless steel the entire ULTRA series is designed to be used with both standard and high velocity .22 LR ammunition.

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